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Friday  March 24, 1933


Joseph Goebbels Speeches "TheCreators of the World's Misfortunes"

12. April 2002

Joseph Goebbels Speeches  http://www.calvin.edu/academic/cas/gpa/goebmain.htm

7. April 2002

9th IHR Conference Morgenthau, CIA and other wartricks

2. March 2002

Ingrid Weckert Anti-German Spectacle

2. March 2002

LOOK  MAGAZINE  (1968) "America's Concentration Camps"

22. September 2001

Charles A. Lindbergh "The Wartime Journals"

20. September 2001

Adolf Hitler "Mein Kampf" download

26. August 2001

Franklin D. Roosevelt The "Secrete Map" Speech

8. July 2001

Henry Morgenthau Jr. (1943) "Germany Is Our Problem"

2. May 2001

Captain Russell Grenfell  (1953) "Unconditional Hatred"

1. May 2001


Link to  "Ritual Murders"

23. January 2001

Harper's Magazine
October 1946: Secrets by the Thousands 

"All such revelations naturally raise the question: was Germany so far advanced in air, rocket, and missile research that, given a little more time, she might have won the war? Her war secrets, as now disclosed, would seem to indicate that possibility. And the Deputy Commanding General of Army Air Forces Intelligence, Air Technical Service Command, has told the Society of Aeronautical Engineers within the past few months:

"The Germans were preparing rocket surprises for the whole world in general and England in particular which would have, it is believed, changed the course of the war if the invasion had been postponed for so short a time as half a year." 

"Crystal Night" (The Night of broken Glass) 
Hardly had President von Hindenburg appointed Adolf Hitler Chancellor of the German Reich, when loud lamentations, principally in Jewish circles, went up abroad. The first uproar of international scope arose on 24 March 1933 with the proclamation, in a huge headline on the front page of the London Daily Express: "Judea Declares War on Germany!"

Roosevelt directed some very childish and deceitful demands to Hitler (Part I)   
April 15, 1939: "Because the United States, as one of the nations of the Western Hemisphere, is not involved in the immediate controversies which have arisen in Europe, I trust that you may be willing to make such a statement of policy to me as the head of a nation far removed from Europe in order that I, acting only with the responsibility and obligation of a friendly intermediary, may communicate such declaration to other nations now apprehensive as to the course which the policy of your government may take."
Hitler's Answer to Roosevelt (very important speech. Part II)  
April 28, 1939: "I am now, however, compelled to state that the policy of England, both unofficially and officially, leaves no doubt as to the fact that such a conviction is no longer shared in London, and that, on the contrary, the opinion prevails there that no matter in what conflict Germany might some day be entangled, Great Britain would always have to take her stand against Germany. Thus war against Germany is taken for granted in that country."

Important speech of Adolf Hitler   
7. January 1937: "What I mean is this: Throughout thousands of years the conviction grew up and prevailed, not so much in the German mind as in the minds of the contemporary world, that bloodshed and the extermination of those hitherto in power, together with the destruction of public and private institutions and property-were essential characteristics of every true revolution. Mankind in general has grown accustomed to accept revolutions with all these consequences somehow or other as if they were legal happenings. I do not mean that people endorse all this tumultuous destruction of life and property; but they certainly accept it as the necessary accompaniment of events which, because of this very reason, are called revolutions."

THE CRIME OF OUR AGE   ["Ethnic cleansing" 1945]
by Dr. Ludwig A. Fritsch

"TELL OUR PEOPLE, why our leaders insist an keeping the unholy Alliance of the Big Four for 40 years. Because they are afraid of the fruits of their terrible crimes. They know, that the Germans must be Angels and Saints to forget and to forgive all the injustices, atrocities and cruelties which they have suffered, twice in a generation, without any provocation, from the hands of the Allies. Just imagine what would we as Americans do if we would have been treated as we treat the Germans! Our cruelties would have no limits in revenging our sufferings!

"The National Socialists wanted their own nation free of Jewish influence, and the Zionists sought non-assimilation with Gentiles and a nation of their own. (Even today in modern America and Europe most major Jewish organizations oppose intermarriage.) At first glance, it seems unbelievable that Zionism and Nazism sometimes had worked together, but the historical record reveals fascinating evidence.

trumpete.jpg (5714 bytes)

Hate-Propaganda in the guise of religion.
�Experts on German history from Britain and the United States were at the closed-door session. A memorandum summarizing the day�s discussions subsequently leaked to the media.
The delegates reportedly acknowledged that the West German state established after World War II has been vastly different from the ill-fated Weimar Republic after the First World War.
But, they claimed certain German national characteristics remained, such as, "aggressiveness, assertiveness... a capacity for excess... . a tendency to over-estimate their own strengths and capabilities."�

The Fuehrer as Orator  By Dr. Joseph Goebbels:
"There is hardly anybody in the entire civilized world who has not heard the sound of his voice at sometime, whether he understood his words or not, and who was not touched by the magic of its tone deep inside his heart. Our people can call themselves lucky to have a voice among them to whom the world listens, a voice blessed to form words into ideas and to bring time into motion with ideas. This man belongs to these human beings who have the courage to say yes and no without adulterating it by if and but. In a time during which in all countries of this earth, millions and millions of people suffer from deep sorrow, melancholy and terrible poverty; when hardly a star glitters in the dark clouds overshadowing the heavens of Europe; in which people are propelled by deep desires for which they lack the gift of expression, Adolf Hitler stands over Germany as one who was given by God when man in his torment was unable to announce our suffering!"

The private Life of the Fuehrer 
By Obergruppenf�hrer Wilhelm Br�ckner:

"It is a fact that a man who is so engrossed in political work as the F�hrer, has to sacrifice his private life. Even when he wants to free himself from the pressure of his duties, the problems of politics still follow him to the furthest corner of the German homeland. It may be a small quiet village in the dunes of the Baltic sea, or his retreat, Haus Wachenfeld, at the Obersalzberg."

The Fuehrer as Statesman.
Joseph Goebbels (1935):
"Never before was a revolutionary of such great importance so far away from any hysteria and haste, as him. Never had a politician who was making history, worked so clearly, decisively and without haste and noise as him. And where in history has a miracle become reality under such tremendous political pressure from the outside, as here?"

The Fuehrer and the German Worker
Dr. Robert Ley, Minister of Labor:
"The F�hrer eliminated in Germany arrogance and condemnation and envy and hatred towards labor and possessions. He gave the people pride and honor in being a worker and the obligation of national service to all. The German worker is now happy to be a free man in a free land, He is the best worker in the world. Coming centuries will envy him. But he thanks from the depth of his heart, the man who has given him all this, the F�hrer."

The Fuehrer and the German People
By Dr. Otto Dietrich:
"The relationship between the German people and their F�hrer is for the Germans a constant fountain of happy pride and for the foreigner a reason for astonishment. Nowhere in the world does such a fanatical love of millions of people exist for one person. A love which is not extreme but which is derived out of a deep and great belief and immense trust, like the relationship between children and a good father."

The Edifices of the Fuehrer  
by Albert Speer:
"Building is not a hobby for the F�hrer but rather a serious matter designed to reflect the will and expression of the National Socialist movement in stone. It will be unique in the history of the German people that its F�hrer not only started with the great world-doctrine of a new political organization, hut simultaneously commenced with superior trade knowledge as an architect to create stone edifies which will bear witness to his cultural know how, even after millenniums.

Russia 1917-1918: 
Ivor Benson: A Key to the Riddle of an Age of Conflict

The Myth of the Twentieth Century (Alfred Rosenberg)
The Life and Death of Alfred Rosenberg

Speech delivered in the German Reichstag on January 30th 1937
By ADOLF HITLER (A real eyeopener)

The International Jew   
by Henry Ford Sr.
"To obtain control over public opinion it is first necessary to confuse it."
The criticisms which these Protocols pass upon the Gentiles for their stupidity are just. It is impossible to disagree with a single item in the Protocol's description of Gentile mentality and venality

ANTIZION: Jews on the Jewish Question 
A Survey of Commentary on Organized Jewry
by Leading Personalities Through the Ages

Zionism and the Third Reich  Journal for Historical Review�  
Early in 1935, a passenger ship bound for Haifa in Palestine left the German port of Bremerhaven. Its stern bore the Hebrew letters for its name, "Tel Aviv," while a swastika banner fluttered from the mast.

Rudolf Hess: A Veteran's Plea for Peace 
Even many people who consider themselves well-informed about the history of the Third Reich and the Second World War are ignorant of the numerous offers of peace made by Hitler and his government in the years before the outbreak of war, particularly during the 1934-1937 period.

Adolf Hitler  "Mein Kampf"
A must read for anyone studying the Third Reich period

Theodore N. Kaufman  "Germany must Perish"
A plan more sinister and devilish than the infamous "Morgenthau-Plan"
A plan to eliminate the German People from this earth.

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