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A Lament for an Incinerated Bomb-Crated Europe

An Unknown ‘Holocaust’ and the Hijacking of History

‘Aktion Reinhardt ’ by Robert Faurisson

The Auschwitz Mortuary Registries: Let's demand their Publication

Auschwitz - The Shrinking Numbers

Britain's Secret Torture Centre

Bromberg - the Alleged German Attack on Poland in 1939

Christianity and the Holocaust Ideology - Reflections on the Bishop Williamson Affair - Paul Grubach

David Irving and the ‘Aktion Reinhardt Camps’ by Jürgen Graf (pdf file)

Did Hitler Want War? Patrick J.Buchanan

Deliberate Mass Murder of German Civilians by the British and Americans

Elie Wiesel: New Documents By Carlo Mattogno

‘False Witness’ - a Play examines the notion that Nazis made Soap from Human Flesh

Fred Leuchter Video Clip explaining that German Camps had no Lethal Gas Chambers

From Christianity to Holocaustianity

Fun Facts - The Holohoax for Dummies

General Jaruzelski�s Surprise: Poland Falsified Population Statistics

General Patton

Germany�s Induced Insanity - By Dr. Rigolf Hennig

Goebbels on the Jews, Part 1 - Final Solution was Deportation not Extermination

The Holocaust as an Ideological Danger - Paul Grubach

Holohoax for Dummies Leaflet (pdf file)

It was as if Satan Had Taken Over All the World

Judea Declares War on Obama

Lithuanian Investigation into Alleged War Crimes of former Chairman of Yad Vashem

Mark Weber of the IHR says Holocaust Happened

Mark Weber must resign from the Institute for Historical Review

The ‘Massacre’ at Oradour

The ‘Miracle’ of Dunkirk Reconsidered

Mistaken Beliefs about Louis-Ferdinand Céline - Michael Hoffman

Must We Loathe David Irving?

My Association with Tyler G. Kent

Nemmersdorf - Soviet war Atrocities

Operation Reinhardt - Robert Faurisson Blog Spot

Part of Horst Mahler's Closing Trial Statement at Munich - Feb. 2009

Pro-Nazi Collaboration by Elie Wiesel

Review of Patrick Buchanan's book - ‘The Unnecessary War’

Revisionsists Challenge Normandy Landings

Robert Faurisson is a Humanist

Russia's Military blames Poland for World War II

The Sacred Nature of Six Million in the Judaic Religion

Stages in the Fabrication of a Myth - The Bryce-Toynbee Partnership

The Secular Religion of ‘the Holocaust’ by Robert Faurisson

‘A Secret Report’ by Jan Karski - Review By Theodore J. O'Keefe

The Shoah Religion - Robert Faurisson Reviews Alain Besançon's Works

Thought Sets You Free

Three Hundred Victims of Tito's Yugoslav Communists found in Slovenia

Truth, History and Integrity

Uncomfortable Questions - Holocaust Deniers, Nazis, and Klansmen

Why Eisenhower?


Archive Articles


Adolf Hitler took a Great Chance to free Eastern Europe from the Curse of Communism

An Imaginary Holocaust May Lead to a Real Holocaust

The Battle of Britain - Spit, Liars and Venom

Boise Building Memorial based on Anne Frank Myth

The ‘Dancing Fuhrer’ Lie Exposed

Did Six Million Really Die?Testimony of Fred A. Leuchter, Jr.

Doug Collins: The Irving Holocaust Trial - I expect Irving to Lose

Dunkirk Well Myth Again:Dunkirk was a Calamity of Unprecedented Proportions.

Ecrits Révisionnistes (1974-1998) - By Robert Faurisson

England Declares the Jewish War on the World

The Failed Pledge that Sunk the Bismarck

Franklin Delano Roosevelt: Communist Dictator

Greetings From Auschwitz

The Germans could not find anybody but Jews to do the Counterfeiting for them.

Half Truths Make Good Lies - Once again British Double Standards Prevailed.

The History Making Irving Trial

Hitler's War Record

"The Holocaust is an Ideological Club, used to Hold Germany in a Vice like Grip"

The Holocaust Shakedown

How Allies Treated German POWs

The ‘Holocaust’ and Vatican Archives

The Horned Visions of the ‘Holocaust’ - by Robert Faurisson 16 January 1997

Just who is Robert Faurisson?

Katyn (by Dr. William Pierce)

A Last Appeal to Reason: Adolf Hitler's Speech before the Reichstag on July 19, 1940!

Last Letter from Hermann Goering to Winston Churchill

"Lessons From the Holocaust"

The Leuchter Report  The End of a Myth: A Report on the Alleged Execution Gas Chambers at Auschwitz, Birkenau and Majdanek, Poland by an Execution Equipment Expert

Michael Walsh - Witness to History

Music in the Third Reich - Then and Now

The Myth of German Culpability -The 2nd World War - the Sequence of Aggression

National Socialist Germany and the Third World

Official Auschwitz Figures!

"The Palestinians' and the Revisionists' Ordeals are similar and our Intifadas Identical"

Pearl Harbor: - Mother of all Conspiracies

"Revisionism and Dignity of the Defeated Countries"

Science, Harmful to Holocaust-Industry

The Slaying of a Viking - The Epic of Vidkun Quisling

September 1st 1939 - 2000 - We Remember the Victims of the Zionist Jehad

The Sinking of the ‘Wilhelm Gustloff’ (by Dr. William Pierce)

Slave Labour in the 20th Century

Smith Interviews Robert Faurisson

Something of an Enigma - The U-571 and Ruffled Feathers

Taming of the Holocaust

Terror Bombing: The Crime of the 20th Century

The Angler, the Carp and the Revisionist

"Those who exploit the Holocaust telling Lies"

A Tribute to the SA Man

Was Adolf Hitler The Most Respected European Leader of All Times?

What did Ezra Pound Really Say?

When Anthrax was ‘Good’


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