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Aryans in Asia

Camp of the Holy Ghosts - Tom Sunic

A Comparison of Negros and Gorillas by Prof. Owen

A Critique on Race-Mixing

Darwin and Traditional Political Beliefs

Declining IQ levels in Britain and Increase in Crime

Evidence that the Major Races did not all come out of Africa - Kerry Bolton

Eye Movements may Betray Your Culture [or Race?]

Farewell, My Dear WASP - Edmund Connelly

Franz Boas's Findings on Human Head Shape Reassessed

Gandhi and Racial Purity - Kevin Alfred Strom

Haiti - Why so Poor?

How Immigration and Multiculturalism Destroyed Detroit - Frosty Wooldridge

The Inevitable Clash between �ryan and Semite

"Interracial Interactions are Cognitively Demanding"

Julius Evola on Race by Tom Sunic

Letter of Termination to the White Race

Mixed Marriages Decline as Asians seek Similar Partners

Negroes - Enclycopaedia Britannica 1911

No Argument Here

Not ‘Out of Africa’ - Plural Lineages in Human mtDNA Genome

Quotes on the Negroe

Race and Religion: Awkward Friends of the White Man, Part 1 - Tom Sunic

Race and Religion: Awkward Friends of the White Man, Part 3 - Tom Sunic

Racism in Paradise

Togo: Satanism, Witch Doctors and Black History

Trends in World Population IQ

Two Views on Multi-Culturalism

Uncle Joe's PC Eugenics

Why can only Whites be ‘Racists’?

Whites Down To 10% Of World Population By 2060 - Patrick J. Buchanan

‘Yellow Fellow’ - The Indian Obsession with Skin Whitening by Harold Covington


Establishment Science on Intelligence

"There's Nothing Wrong With Racism (Except the Name)": The essay which caused uproar

Charles R. Darwin on Race-Mixing


The Truth about Hate Crime Statistics

End of Times: Arrival of the Non-White Majority

Indian males Caste in European Mould?

Plagiarism and the Culture War: The Writings of Martin Luther King Jr. and Other Prominent Americans

The Morality of Survival

The New Battle of Britain

Why African is African - Phillipe J.Rushton

Liverpool The White Pride City

Why I Am a White Racist

Murdering Iowa

"According to Studies the Majority of the British Population will be Non-Whites by the Year 2011"

"Multiculturalism has No Place in Israel. Israel was Created as a Jewish State for the Jews"

"The Common Theme in most of these Attacks - the Assailants are Pakistani and Bangladeshi - the Victims are White."

Survival Essentials

Racial Origin and Earliest Racial History of The Hebrews

AIDS and the Cult of Equality

"A Genetically Based Personality Difference between Whites and Blacks"

Paying the Organizatsiya

The Lesson of Africa

The Express: The New Barbarians are Non-Whites

War Brewing In Scandinavia -  Blacks And Muslims Attacking Whites, Whites Prepare To Massacre Refugees

Behind America's Moral Decay

The White Man is Now a Tiny Minority in The World - The Final Address of David Lane to the Jury

Survival Essentials

The Morality of Hatred

The Godfather of the Multi-Cult Nightmare

Towards Nations of Obedient Mutts

The Limits of Toleration

Multiculturalism: The Pit of No Return

Improving Our Souls

Replacing Shakespeare with Malcolm X

Labour's Rogue Landlords

Does Immigration Confer Economic Benefits?


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