Media control and censorship!


new: Six Jewish Companies Own 96% of the World�s Media

The Big Hollywood Lie

The Corruption of the Media

Strange View Indeed

Jewish Power in the American Medias

Mike Wallace's Lesson

"The Palestinians' and the Revisionists' Ordeals are similar and our Intifadas identical"

Hypnotism, Yikes!

The Corruption of the Media

"We Are Intellectual Prostitutes"

Anti-Defamation League - America's Most Powerful Hate Group

Great Writer Banned from Cathedral

The Jews and the Senators

Smith Wasn't the Only "Supremacist"

Enemies of Liberty

Movie Review: "The Mummy" / The Dummy

The Collins Conviction

The Mind-Bending Power of the Masters of the Media

Hoffman to Protest Orwellian Hate Symposium at Gonzaga University

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