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Letters to HRP

new: "Was Eisenhower Jewish...?"

"The nitty-gritty of the Yom Kippur prayer"

Babi Jar - just another Jewish lie

"The cup of wrath has been filling up. Now it has finally run over"

"Lord" Janner Buggers Young Boy, Just for Kicks

"Congratulations on your WWII pages"

Adolf Hitler took a great chance to free eastern Europe from the curse of Communism

Why I Am a White Racist


A Viking's Passing

Prison rape is largely Black on White. Therefore, any effort to remedy this outrage necessarily touches on the race issue

"It is fifty times more likely a black person will violently attack a white person than a white person to attack a black."

"The Moses-God Fight"

I've decided to put up my own BBS where people can debate the Holocaust.

Katie is a strong believer

A letter from Dr. Roger Dommergue Polacco de Menasce to Spielberg

White children will be intimidated, threatened, attacked, raped, tortured, and killed in America's new "mulicultural" public schools.

The Trench Coat Mafia was made in Hollywood

"And who in Bonn, after this military aggression is over, will be hanged?"

The Germans could not find anybody but Jews to do the counterfeiting for them.

Taming of the Holocaust


A word about hate-groups

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