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Alphabetical Anti-semitism

Anatomy of a Conditionally Unresolved Conflict - Gilad Atzmon

Asians Know the Score on Jews

The Body Snatchers Are Back - by Israel Shamir

CNN Reports on Jewish Radical Extremist dressed as a Muslim

The Culture of Critique - by Kevin MacDonald

The Culture of Deceit - Edmund Connelly - The Occidental Observer

The Culture of Deceit (Part II) - Edmund Connelly - The Occidental Observer

Dr Levy admits Errors of Jewish People

Einstein The Plagiarist: The Truth Emerges

Ezra Pound's Broadcast, March 15 1942

For Them - It's Wholly Unholy

For Whom the Bell Tolls - Part II

Franz Boas Proposed ‘Race Amalgamation to Solve the Negroe Problem’

Invasive Species Theory - Jerusalem Post

Jewish Al Qaeda Actors EXPOSED as Adam Gadahn & Yousef al Khattab

Jewish Attack on Black Aacademics

Jewish Conquest

Jewish Hypocrisy over Intermarriage

Jewish Man goes Ballistic over arrest of his Rabbi

Jews and Communism in the Soviet Union

Jews Dominate Porn ‘Industry’

Jews, Race and Identity

John Mearsheimer and The Future of Israeli Apartheid

Kuwaiti Professor accuses Jewish Group of Tampering with the Koran

Kevin MacDonald replies to Takuan Seiyo's Screed

Local Holocaust Museums Grow Amid Worries About Future

Mossad�s Murderous Reach: The Larger Political Issues

The ‘Nazi Extermination Camp’ of Sobibor in the Context of the Demjanjuk Case

Nietzsche on the Jews - by Thomas Dalton

Now it�s Time to rid the British Government of Israel�s Stooges

Nuremberg Laws supported by Zionists

Pedophile Rabbis? Literal Intepretation of the Talmud?

Russia probing whether Jewish Law constitutes Incitement

Rabbinic Text or Call to Terror?

Settler Rabbi outlines Conditions where it is Permissible to Kill non Jews

Slave Bringers

Stalin's Jews

Stoolie is ‘Dead’ to his Daddy

Study Shows Ashkenazi Jews have Distinct DNA Markers

Talking with Jews

The Culture of Deceit

The Banality of Jewish Symbolism - Gilad Atzmon

The Dark Face of Jewish Nationalism

The Jewish Mafia: the Chief World Crime Syndicate?

The Truth about Jewish Genetics

The Uncensored Talmud

Their Prayer Books make them do it - Rabbi's Scam in Adelaide

View from the Lab: Who is a Jew?

Walt Disney versus the Hollywood Jews

What about Jews who think the Same or Worse than Mel Gibson?

What If Hitler Had Won The War - Michael Shermer

What the Talmud really says about Jesus

White Slavery

Who is a Jew? By Gilad Atzman

Who is Bernie Madoff?

Who is the British Dog?

Why Anti-Semitism?

Why Jews are Communists


Archive Articles

Liberal  Nightmare:
Respected Indian Chief  attacks Jewish Power. "Israel and the United States are about to start a Third World War"

Pilger Unplugged:
Treason Never Prospers What�s The Reason? For When It Prospers It�s Called The Jewish Lobby

Following The Great Success of WWI and WWII, Jewish Power Centres Now Announce WWIII

Israel Kills Palestinian Boys, Steals Organs for Transplants

WATCH ON ZION: "Next year, may we meet in Jerusalem"
WATCH ON ZION: Zionist Incitements to Genocide
WATCH ON ZION: On the Topic of Israel's Jenin Cover-up ...
WATCH ON ZION: Sharon's Plan is to drive Palestinians across the Jordan
WATCH ON ZION: US Congress considers increasing Military Aid to Israel

"Judaism Distinguished themselves only for Force and Fraud"

Beware The Red Heifer. How Religious Nutballs could start World War III

Apartheid in the Holy Land is Alive because "the Jewish Lobby is powerful - very powerful"

The Greatest Betrayal

The U.S. Army strips Israeli Confidant of his Command

A Yiddishe Medina

Why We Deserve Their Contempt

Fast and Furious

The Wit and Wisdom of Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

Pretzel Brain thinking of the Race Deniers

George Steiner in Hitler's Defense.
The holocaust was not unique. Moses speech orivides justification for all the collective crimes of our time

The Scorpion and the Frog

"Multiculturalism has no place in Israel. Israel was created as a Jewish State for the Jews"

This is why Jewry is loved so much

"The Holocaust is an Ideological Club, used to Hold Germany in a Vice like Grip"

How should Jews be Defined - by Religion or by Blood?  As a special race, defined by blood,
"Jews largely control the US-media and Hollywood..."

The Mysterious Case Of Leo Franks

There Will Be Hell to Pay

September 1st 1939 - 2000 - We Remember The Victims Of The Jewish Jehad

The Jewish Problem

Joe Lieberman and Judaism. Joseph Isadore Lieberman believes that Jews have been promised dominion
over the earth and its inhabitants by their tribal god.

The Significance of the Holocaust

The Jewish Mob in America

Michael Walsh, Behind The Headlines: TV Channel 5 Porn scandal- Our Man In Vienna Is On The Case

Israel: Whose Country Is It Anyway?

Jewish Fundamentalism in Israel

Spitting On The Cross

Crimes Against Humanity

Jewish Religion, Jewish History


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